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GATE ACADEMY provides result oriented excellent coaching for GATE by experienced faculty members.
GATE ACADEMY will guide you successfully to mould your career in the right way. 
GATE ACADEMY has become a launching platform not only for the merit students but also for the students with average academic background to pursue their M.Tech. in IISin IISc, IITs, NITs and....
"Gate Academy has played the important role in my preparation for GATE exam. The strategy and planning used by the teachers is just perfect to make us ready to face any kind of challenge during the test. The only thing I did is to attend regular classes and follow the teachers with trust. One of the key factors required is motivation and we were kept motivated throughout by the inspirational lectures of Umesh Dhande Sir and Vishal Bajaj Sir and as far as the teaching is concerned, Gate Academy has a very good teaching staff who are well dedicated for teaching and I thank all the teachers and specially Vishal sir who always gave that extra push and inspired us to work harder and harder."

Rohit Agrawal (EE), AIR-09

"Whoever I am right now, whatever I have achieved its all credit goes to Sakshi mam and Umesh Dhande sir. They both are like god to me. I always worked hard and never avoided any topic for tomorrow. Continuation in studies is the key mantra for my success in GATE 2016. I gave maximum tests which helped me discovering new questions and new concepts. Umesh Sir and Sakshi mam's constant support and appreciation has always helped me to perform better day by day. I can proudly say GATE ACADEMY is the best training institute for GATE aspirants."

Aarti Gupta (EE), AIR-13

"According to me the only requirement of GATE examination is consistent studies. So I studied with full determination along with this I gave good number of tests, the more tests you give more perfection you will have in the main examination. Umesh Dhande sir has always been an inspiration for me and has always motivated me to do better. Moreover effective study material gave me a better edge in GATE 2016 exam."

Prince Soni (IN), AIR 80

"The Credit of my success goes to Dhande sir, Sakshi mam and my parents. GATE ACADEMY has been a pillar of trust for me and has provided all the essential tools required to achieve this success. Online test series, centre based mock test and study materials are one of the best treasures GATE ACADEMY have. The key mantra for my success is continuos efforts and unbeatable will to crack GATE 2016 exam."

Shubhangi Gurudiwan (EE), AIR 132

"I want to thank my family, my teachers and my friends who always motivated me all the way. I sincerely thank to Umesh Sir for providing well designed study material with topic wise segregation of Gate questions which helped me in the final stages of preparation. During the class room Discussions as well as Mock tests. The classroom program helped me to understand the concepts very clearly to solve different types of Gate question in the correct way. The Course material is an excellent for gate. After each class the detailed analysis in every topic helped me to identify my weakness as well as strengths for increasing my confidence level."

Deepesh Uppal (EC), AIR 145

"Keeping things simple and maintaining balance between the major and minor subjects was the basis of my preparation. I believe the more variety of questions you will be exposed to the more will be your chance of success and this I got from GATE ACADEMY test series. Along with this my hard work and highly beneficial lectures of Umesh Sir, Sakshi mam and GATE ACADEMY faculty team has helped me in achieving AIR 186."

Deeptanshu Choubey (IN), AIR 186

"With immense proud I can say Sakshi mam and Dhande sir are the best teacher and most importantly best guide in this world. I always feels myself lucky that I had been part of temple "GATE ACADEMY". I am preparing for IES and I hope I'll make Sir and Mam proud one's again….."

Kartikey Pandey (EE), AIR 275

"The teaching style of Dhande Sir, Sujay Sir has helped me to built strong fundamentals of all the electronics subjects. I think any one with zero technical knowledge can do well under Dhande Sir's guidance. Booklets provided by GATE ACADEMY is unique in every aspect and is fully sufficient. Questions solved in classroom has helped me to understand the topics at classroom itself. The basis of my success is my attitude of attending each and every class with full dedication and desire to solve new questions."

Satyaprakash Suryavanshi (EC), AIR 312

"I am highly impressed by the helpful and motivational behavior of Umesh sir and Sakshi mam. It was because of sir and madam untiring effort that I secured AIR 481. Along with this test series of GATE ACADEMY was extremely helpful as it provided me some good variety of conceptual questions and gave me a platform to prepare learn and compete with others. Supportive attitude of GATE ACADEMY team has always motivated me to do better."

Ashish Dewangan (EE), AIR 481

"The key of my success lies in giving large number of tests and practicing hard. GATE ACADEMY test series has helped me in increasing my speed and introduce good variety of conceptual questions. The notes provided by GATE ACADEMY and the teachings of Sakshi mam and Dhande Sir is really incomparable as it helped me building strong technical foundation. I use to make short notes which always makes me cool and calm."

Anisha Sharma (EE), AIR 535

"First of all I would like to express my deep gratitude towards Umesh Dhande sir, Sakshi Ma'am and Gate Academy. As I always say.. Sir is "The Superstar Teacher " !! From Dhande sir I learned how to channelize my energy towards positivity. All the faculties of GATE ACADEMY are highly professional on one face and superbly compassionate on the other. Even Umesh sir with all his business and time constraints, is always available to provide whatever is best for students. Sir's commitment and hardwork has always motivated me and will also continue to do so in the future."

Rajat Shinde (EC), AIR 606

"Giving out rational time for each subject is my key for success so I read all the topics along with this Sakshi mam and Umesh Dhande Sir's precious guidance and personal attention to every students has held me to achieve this. I also felt study material provided by GATE ACADEMY is world-class and very effective for every GATE preparing student."

Mayank Shrivastava (EEE), AIR 630

"I believe that time management is the key to success in GATE examination. I never neglected any subject and I have given importance to revision of subject. I learned time management by giving online test series of GATE ACADEMY also study material of GATE ACADEMY covered all types of questions which made the journey more easier. I thank Umesh Dhande Sir and Sakshi Dhande Mam for their best concept building and highly inspirational lecture."

Utkarsh Kumar (EE) AIR 698

"Umesh sir and Sakshi mam made the preparation for GATE examination simple and easy going. Notes and materials provided by GATE ACADEMY was superb. Regular studies is the key of my success. I studied 2 hour on busy day and a minimum 6 hours in regular day. Always remember slow and steady wins the race."

B.V. Suryakiran (EE), AIR 900

"I owe the credit of my success to Umesh Dhande Sir and Sakshi Dhande mam. They strengthened my basic concepts and cleared all my doubts. I feel lucky to get best guidance from GATE ACADEMY faculty team. In addition to this proper time management, accuracy and revision of every subject helped me to achieve AIR 949 in GATE 2016 Exam."

Neelima Parganiha (EE), AIR 949

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