Recent Changes in GATE 2016

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering

1. Online Calculator-

  • This was introduced in GATE 2015 but could not be implemented. Therefore it is now being implemented from GATE 2016.
  • Candidates will NOT be allowed to carry physical calculators to the GATE 2016 Exam Centres.
  • The virtual online calculator will be available online to the candidates during the exam on the system.
  • Since this is the first year the online calculator will be implemented, candidates will be able to check and practice on it shortly on the IISc Website.

2. Changes in GATE 2016 Syllabus:

  • IISc Bangalore has announced that the GATE syllabus has been revised for some papers.
  • So candidates can expect minor but important changes in the syllabi of some of the GATE 2016 papers.
  • It is expected that GATE 2016 Syllabus may be slightly different from GATE 2015.
  • Candidates can download the GATE 2016 Syllabus by clicking on the link provided alongside each of the GATE 2016 Papers.

3. New GATE Paper:

  • A new Paper- Petroleum Engineering has been introduced from 2016 for GATE aspirants.
  • This brings the total number of GATE papers to 23 unlike GATE 2015 which had 22 papers.
  • This paper too will be online as has been the case with all the GATE Papers.
  • Candidates can check the GATE 2016 Syllabus for the same before applying and preparing.

4. Provision of GATE 2016 Answer Key:

  • The Answer Key for GATE 2016 papers will be made available to the candidates shortly after the completion of the exam.
  • For the first time, candidates will be given an opportunity to challenge any of the GATE 2016 Answer Key within a specified time.
  • Candidates must note that this facility of challenging the provided GATE 2016 Answer Key will be provided on payment of a nominal fee to be specified by IISc Bangalore.