What is GATE ???

Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, commonly known as GATE, is the sole examination that leads to admission to these world-class institutions. GATE is one of the most competitive examinations in India. With 3 lakhs applicants (GATE-2010), 6 lakhs applicants(GATE-2011) , 7 lakhs(GATE-2012) and 9.80 lakhs(GATE-2013) It is more competitive than CAT, GRE or GMAT.

Securing admission to these institutions, hence, requires a perfect combination of hard work, intelligence and proper application of different kind of test taking strategies. The preparation phase for GATE is a journey fraught with heart-breaks, disappointments, election and log of other emotions. At this phase, a GATE aspirant needs handholding, proper guidance and mentoring to ensure that he/she proceeds in the right direction.

I realized the need for a platform that will offer GATE aspirants with examination preparatory tools. This led me to the formation of GATE Academy in 2005, and in the very first year itself, our students met with tremendous success. 4 student of GATE ACADEMY students landed into IITs scoring more than 99 percentile. And 20 student of GATE ACADEMY students obtained the top 10% position in India.

Also, a lot of attention is given to feedback. Each year, valuable suggestions given by students for course enhancement are incorporated. I invite your feedback and suggestions for further improvements.