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Graduate Aptitude Test In Engineering


GATE 2017 was conducted over 4 days - 31st Jan, 1st Feb, 7th Feb and 8th Feb. On each day, the exams were conducted across 2 slots (Forenoon: 9 AM to 12 PM and Afternoon: 2 PM to 5 PM).

At all centers, GATE Exam organization went well with no major issues being reported by students. IISc and TCS should be applauded for their professional management of the exam, being held on such an enormous note in multiple cities all over India. Additionally, the process of document verification and student admission was smoother and quicker for students than last year.

As per the usual format of GATE exam, the online exam, consisting of questions on Technical Stream-wise Concepts, Engineering Maths & General Aptitude, has to be completed in a total time of 180 minutes. The newly introduced virtual calculator was also available to students for calculations.


The most remarkable feature of the exams this year was the higher proportion of Numerical Questions, Theoretical questions. It was also observed that there were more Fill-in-the-Blanks questions in comparison to last year. Both the above factors made the exam slightly trickier as there are lesser number of direct Theoretical questions and Multiple-Choice-Questions, which are easier to attempt than Fill-in-the-blank questions.


The following aspects of the Exam Interface for GATE'17 are important-

  • Students faced a few issues in using the newly-introduced Online Calculator and then returning to the question.
  • With the online calculator already being put on GATE 2018 website, students who had had sufficient practice of the calculator on the website were at a slight advantage.

Overall the user interface of GATE'17 was mostly similar to the one provided in the Mock GATE exams by GATE ACADEMY


I. Electronics & Communication Engineering

Forenoon Slot: The coverage of subjects in the exam was very surprising. The subjects which had more questions in GATE'16 had lesser questions in GATE'17 and subjects like Digital, Analog, EDC & Communication Theory had more questions this year than last year. Most surprisingly there were fewer questions from Network Theory. The questions on Aptitude were easy. Overall the paper was slightly difficult.

II. Mechanical Engg.

Forenoon Slot: The exam was set in such a way that even after attempting the exam, there was time for revision. There were fewer questions from Machine Design, Manufacturing Technology and Industrial Engineering and more questions from Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer & Thermodynamics. Engg. Maths & Aptitude was very easy and could be managed for most of the questions. Overall the paper was slightly difficult.

III. Computer Science Engg.

Afternoon Slot: The difficulty of paper was slightly higher than last year. Almost all subjects were well-covered in the exam apart from Compiler Design which had fewer questions. The questions in Programming and Data Structures and Algorithms were difficult. The Aptitude section had relatively easier questions. There was high focus on application of fundamentals and more questions were trickier than straight-forward. There was not much requirement for usage of Calculator. Overall the paper was slightly difficult.

IV. Electrical & Electronics Engg.

Afternoon Slot: Most of the subjects were well-covered apart from Digital Electronics. Out of all subjects, Power Electronics had a high difficulty level and Network Analysis, Machines, Power Systems and EMI were of moderate difficulty level. The questions on Aptitude were easy. There were more numerical questions than last year. The focus of the paper was more on fundamentally conceptual topics. Overall the paper was slightly difficult.

V. Civil Engg.

Morning Slot: Out of all subjects, Geotechnical Engineering had the highest weightage of marks. The subjects with highest focus were Environmental Engineering, Mechanics of Materials and Fluid Mechanics. The subjects with less focus were Hydrology and Irrigation and Reinforced Concrete structures. The questions on Aptitude were easy. Most of the questions were direct. Overall the paper was slightly difficult.


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