Getting the right mentorship & selecting the right coaching institute for cracking GATE is a vital factor, as planning & preparations under expert’s guidance will help to achieve the target. With so many options available, you might feel confused, which one to choose.

Settle down and keep calm, we in this blog will help you out to select the right institute for GATE preparation. You need to consider a few factors before joining the coaching institute for GATE exam preparation.

1. Check Demo Videos or Classes:

Demo videos & classes provide you clarity and insights of the teaching methodologies of the faculties in the course. So one should definitely not miss the opportunity to watch the demo videos before finalizing the course.

2. Faculties:

An experienced team of faculties & mentors not only will guide you through the GATE Preparation, but will also help you to shape out your career. Experienced faculties easily understand the problems students face and proffer quick solutions whereas new faculty introduces modus operandi of deciphering questions. Talking to ex-students & seniors will help you out to check the following points regarding faculties:

  • Teaching Methodology
  • Faculty’s Attitude towards the learning process
  • Pace of Teaching
  • Understanding of trends of questions in GATE

3. Resources & Materials

Apart from the videos or classes, other resources such as practice workbooks could be an advantage, make sure to get all information and details regarding this aspect before joining the institute.

4. Curriculum

Just completion of syllabus is not sufficient, it should be planned in such a way that there is abundant time for revisions at the end,  hence, course duration is a key factor. Make sure duration of course is balanced, it should neither be less that it sounds like a crash course, missing out on important topics, nor it should be very large that you will be forced to missout on some parts.    

5. Syllabus

Make sure institute or courses cover the updated GATE Syllabus, as it tends to change every year.

6. Doubts & Discussions:
Doubts are part of the learning process and will surely arise if you study & practice. Learning & practicing is necessary but not sufficient, you need to analyze the mistakes and get the doubts clarified via subject experts. Hence, check out the facilities & platform that an institute provides to clarify and discuss the doubts

7. Credibility:
An institute’s credibility tells everything, whether it is about their expertise in the field, methodology of teaching, results. Students can research about the credibility with their ex-students, checking out testimonials on social platforms

Right mentorship & guidance can really help out students to push their limits & bring the best out of them. We at GATE ACADEMY not only clear concepts but direct the potential of students into the right direction, enabling them to come out with superior results. For further enquiries, call us at +91-9713113156 or send us an email on