Tips, which will help you perform well in GATE
  1.  Gate preparation comprises of two steps concept learning and problem solving. Make sure you give time to both the steps. Don't try to land directly to PYQs without learning concept.
  2. A good question of GATE is framed to be solved in 3 to 5 minutes.If it takes time to solve a question of GATE , then you are solving it the wrong way, the only constraint in gate paper is the 3 hours time limit. Make sure you always solve question within a limited time while practicing PYQs
  3. Revise the concept timely, Sit and study everyday make short notes , revise them continuously, most of the students in Nov-December forget about what they have learned in July-August.
  4. Try to create your own question while preparing any topic.Do ask yourself following questions "What", "How", and "Why" and see improvement. The topic story can be made by knowing exact answers of these three questions initially which will eventually help you remember for a long time.
  5. Analyze your score in model test papers and compare your performance periodically to see how you improve. Don't panic with the marks you obtain rather concern with self analysis and self improvement on each next test paper you are going to attempt. For example -student never scored well in the NUMERICAL ANSWER TYPE questions in one of the mock test , so while Attempting another mock test , extra alert while solving NAT
  6. Doubt solving is most important to get confidence. Always use standard books, prefer group study, discuss your doubts with teachers ,classmates and seniors, never leave your doubts unattended.
  7. Don't waste even a single minute because every minute counts. study daily, even if you have 15 minutes spare , dedicate it to mugging up some formulas or solving MCQs.
  8. Students should be consistent in preparation after attempting GATE. Never stop preparing after gate because most of the PSUs exams are conducted between march to July if you are interested in PSUs
  9. Read the question two times minimum before landing in any solution. Always pay attention while reading the questions, pay attention to words like "or" , "not", "none", "none of these" , "wrong". Sometimes you tend to mistakes even if you know the answers.
  10. Remember " success may have different paths , but there are no short cuts ". Try hard to secure good AIR. Sincerity dedication and focused study will work in GATE, solve as many question as you can, invest as many hours as you can and you will surely land into a good AIR.